that, since the dawn of time, human
beings have been fascinated by love and
the weird and wonderful effect that love
has on our lives. Love is a crazy emotion
that drives us to strange things, and
science has even shown that love works
on the brain in a similar way as a narcotic
would. Love can also be sneaky
sometimes, and it grabs us when we are
least expecting it. If you have been
wondering why you have been feeling a
bit strange of late, check out these
common symptoms that will tell you that
you are falling in love.
1. You daren’t even look at the person
Love is really hard to hide, so when the
object of your love walks into a room, you
might look the other side for fear you
might let him see how you feel. You know
that if he comes to talk to you, you are
likely to blush or say sometime foolish.
2. You are thinking about him all the time
Another one of clear signs of falling in
love is that you are thinking about him all
the time. This one will come as no
surprise to anyone who has been in love
before, but you will have this person on
your mind twenty four hours a day. The
chances are that you spend quite a lot of
time thinking about him, when you should
be getting in with something else. So
don’t be surprised if your friends and
work colleagues know full well that you
are in love, long before you realise it.
3. You’ve been off your food
If you’ve got it really bad, then you’ve
probably not been eating properly either.
It’s not that you are not hungry, or the
food tastes bad, it’s just that you are so
distracted, you just sit and pick at your
meals. You might even miss some meals
altogether, but don’t worry, this stage of
the condition will pa$$ before you starve.
4. You keep trying to impress him
You are probably spending more time on
your makeup than usual in the mornings
too, and singing to yourself while you do
it. And, have you noticed how you are
wearing your shorter skirts more often?
You will be going out of your way to
make sure that you can impress him at
every possible opportunity.
5. You can’t stop talking about him
One of clear signs of falling in love is that
you can’t stop talking about him. If you
are not telling people how wonderful he is,
you are quizzing people to find out more
about him. The guy can’t put a foot
wrong in your eyes, and you have an
insatiable thirst to find out everything that
there is to know about him too
6. You miss when he’s not around
Here is another one of sure signs of
falling in love: even if you haven’t actually
told the guy how you feel yet, you miss
him like crazy if he’s not around. If you
are dating, then you hate it when he goes
home, and, if you are not, you worry
about him if doesn’t turn up for work. All
you really want to do is to spend as much
time is possible with him.
7. Your heart beats faster when he is near
This is more than just a line from a love
song; your heart really does beat faster
when you are in love. You can thank your
hormones for this symptom of love,
because they cause a flood of chemicals
in your brain that speed up your pulse,
make your cheeks flush, and cause your
palms to sweat.
8. You’ve stopped noting people of the
opposite gender
One of clear signs of falling in love is that,
for some odd reason, anyone of the
opposite gender no longer looks even
vaguely attractive to you. Love causes a
strange kind of tunnel vision that
excludes all other men from your view.
Those other guys that you used to think
were so good looking are still there, but
they no longer register on your radar.
9. You can’t stop smiling
When you are falling in love, everything
seems so much better and you will find
that you keep catching yourself smiling
for no apparent reason. You are so happy
and content, you don’t need any other
reason to smile and, every now and then,
a thought of him will creep into your mind
and a contented smile will spread across
your face.
10. You’ve started to dream about the
When you are falling love you can’t help
but to wonder if this could be the one.
Even if you don’t want to admit it, and
you certainly don’t want to tell him this
yet, it is quite likely that you have secretly
been thinking about what he would be like
to live with, or even to marry. Go on,
admit it, you are falling in love, aren’t
Do you know other signs of falling in
Stay happy!