After carrying out lots of deep research, these
are places you would never find Dangote’s son
cousin brother-in-law.
When the chair-lady of Nigerian single girls
says don’t be found in these places, sisters,
1. Career fairs; All the attendees are broke and
are looking for a job except the host and the
host is usually married!
2. Oshodi Under Bridge; Can any good thing
come out of this place? Any good thing?
3. Sabo Yaba
4. Ozone Yaba Chances are pretty slim; Just
Unilag boys roaming around in carrot jeans
and palm slippers. Don’t waste your time abeg.
5. Computer Village; You might lose a Bosom or
another body part in the process of trying to
find a man here.
6. ICM; Is it just me or does ICM seem like a
place to meet a boyfriend but not a husband?
Too many kidults. I stand to be corrected
7. Markets; Except you are a lesbian.
8. Names of places in Lagos that contains the
word ‘bridge’ in it.
9. All the bus stops in the mainland; In fact,
once you descend 3MB towards the mainland
axis. Don’t reply any stranger that says,
‘excuse me’.
10. Motor parks; where Lagos to Abuja is N2,
11. MTN centres; The people that frequent here
are people that complain over the slightest
things. E.g “I loaded N100 in my phone last
night and N2 was gone by morning! I am not
leaving this office until you return my money
back.” Don’t let that sort of man put you inside
house oh.
12. Job interviews/reality show auditions; This
is a gamble. You are free to give him your
number but don’t reply that sms until he has
successfully scaled through, the reality show
has ended and he is declared winner. For job
interviews, only if he gets the job. Don’t worry
you are not a gold digger. Just a woman who
knows what she wants.
13. BRT buses; Have you noticed everybody
always looks sad in BRT buses? Maybe it’s
because they are thinking of their 0.28 account
balance. Once you get in, HEADSET ON!
14. Justrite Supermarket; Justrite prides itself
in offering unbeatable prices of good. Any man
found shopping here is looking for the cheapest
alternative so therefore, that sort of man will
give you N270 to cook soup.
15. 2go; When you read cases of people meeting
their husbands on social networks and you take
a decision to try your luck on 2go, you are on
your own.
16. Eco Bank; Is it just me or is there a
stereotype that surrounds bankers in Eco Bank.
It’s one thing to find a rich husband, it’s
another thing to pray he’s not a stingy rich
husband or you’ll wish you married yourself.
Don’t forget to mention the places that you feel
should make the list below

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