As they say,”you have no second chance to create a first impression” and i also know that outward appearance sometimes do not suggest who the person is but when a man meets a lady for the very first time,even without saying hello,there are vital things that a guy sees and makes his judgement regarding such a lady and for me,these 9 things will turn me off instantly if im meeting a lady for the very first time.

1.Scr*ped eyebrow replaced with pencil drawings:
God is the greatest artist and every lady must understand that having your eyebrow on your face gives you a natural distinctive beauty and yes it is allowed to shape it as you want but scraping it off and replacing it with a eye pencil drawing can never make you as naturally beautiful as the original makes you.
2.Scr*ped natural eye lashes replaced with fake doll like eyelashes:
I really don’t know what many ladies think when they remove a beautiful natural eyelashes to replace it with a funny looking doll like one. Believe it or not,the natural eyelashes have a function that the artificial can never be able to perform and if you must know,having your natural eyelashes on gives your eyes a more alluring look than the fake and funny looking barbie like one. You are human for crying out loud so remain as one.
3.The use of non-recommended contact lenses:
I don’t even know how to describe this one but trust me, i even fear ladies that use such just for the sake fancy because it gives me an idea that such a lady is very mean to herself because how can a lady use another lens to cover the original one without even the fear of going blind?Please save yourself the sermon of how painless it is and face fact.Its better for me to be with a blind lady than one who willingly decides to make herself blind by endangering her eye lenses.I can’t stress this enough.
4.Irregular piercings:
This is a hard turn off for me and when i see a lady having more than one hole on each ear,im like “this one is over exposed” and when i now see another hole in the upper ear region,nose,lips and so on i just give up on such and consider her as a real hustler(Guys know what i mean). Except maybe you are a northerner or from some countries that makes it a norm i do not see any sense in having all your face pierced and some even go the length of piercing their tongue and kini and i just wonder how some men will open their arms to such woman and cal them sweet heart,no be me..lai lai!
5.Bleached or over creamed body and face:
As a guy have you ever moved close to ladies who have used cream to change their skin color in the name of toning up or some bleached bodies? i can’t comprehend how guys dating or married to such cope because the smell of their denatured skin nutrients is so appalling and i wonder how it will be when they go unclad.
There are micro organisms that are natural flora of the skin and these microbes are every harmless and they fight of many things from our skin and by the time you use bleaching and cream kill these helpful microbes, what is left is a helpless skin that will be exposed to different external harmful germs and the resultant effect is a smelly skin and of-course many bleached bodies end up in disaster.
Abeg if you are a lady reading this please avoid bleaching or using strong cream for your body in the name of toning.There us a natural body fragrance that turn men on in ladies so please maintain that fragrance and use mild cream to maintain and bring out your natural color without crossing the delicate line