Free daily horoscope for Thursday, December 19.
We’re officially over the hump and free to day dream
about the weekend. What will you do on this glorious
Thursday? Check out your free daily horoscope for
December 19 to find out.
Sagittarius: You are blazing through the day. You’re still
in the mood for adventure, but work has to be your top
priority. Try networking — you’re sure to impress and
your positive energy is perfect for the big career moves
you have in mind.
Capricorn: You play as hard as you work, and to be
honest there’s just been wayyyy too much of all of it
lately. Today, once you get through the pile of work
you’re facing, you’re likely to just kick back at home and
take it easy. Hey, even the president takes vacations
sometimes; don’t feel guilty for putting your feet up
once in awhile.
Aquarius: You’ve had a lucky week so far. New people
and novel situations have you in a great mood. Even
your Tinder wins are promising (which, let’s be real, is
hard to come by!). Time to cash in on all the good
Pisces: Love is in the air and you’re happily swimming in
the romantic waters. You’ve been working hard as hell,
and truly deserve the lovin’. Spring for a calm, relaxing
date night — no need to go all out. We’re thinking
dinner, bubble bath and definitely a couples massage!
Aries: Luck is all the way on your side today. Your
morning commute was a breeze and you have a lighter
workload than usual. This calls for a date night, which —
with your luck — is sure to be perfect.
Taurus: You can’t get over a little argument you recently
had with a friend. It’s time to (wo)man up and make
nice. No need to ruin the joy of the holidays over
something so petty. Fix it now and let the gift giving
Gemini: All eyes are on you at work today. Take some
time to connect with coworkers — you’re together every
day, might as well learn a little something about them!
Cancer: Your work ethic is on point today. Get ‘er done —
but be careful not to push yourself too hard. It’s the flu
season, and you need to keep yourself in top shape for
the holidays. Reward yourself with a visit to happy hour.
May we suggest a mimosa (vitamin C + vodka = win)?
Leo: Fire sign that you are, you love when things heat
up. And trust us, things are sizzling around you right
now. You’re bringing so much intensity to everything
today: work, love, even your outfit is on fleek. Hey, when
you got it, you got it, and you sure know how to flaunt
Virgo: You’re not stressing over money. You worked
hard for it — time to reward yourself. A massage is
exactly what the horoscope ordered.
Libra: You’re feeling great today, don’t let any shade or
side eyes ruin your day. Some people are bound to be
jealous when they see you killing it.
Scorpio: Damn, you are on point today. You know all the
right things to say, and it’s sure to get you everything
you want. Get ‘em!

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