The Headies 2015 (which ironically held on the first day
of 2016) was an anti-climax after that.
And perhaps the public tantrums of both Don Jazzy and
Olamide were the highlights of what was before then an
above average telecast with glaring lapses which could
have been remedied with more precision.
When the artistes nominated in the ‘ Next Rated.. ’
category were shown in a mini-documentary somewhere
in the show, taking photo-ops in the Hyundai SUV and
pleading for votes from their fans so as to win the prize,
I told myself after seeing the earnest expectations on
their faces that this category would surely be competitive
but would have some bad blood drawn thereafter. The
visuals of the four nominated acts seated side-by-side in
the hall thereafter, being interviewed by the Hip TV
Presenter just before the category was announced also
showed an unease amongst them even if they were
trying to put up aloof facades.
Korede Bello, Kiss Daniel, Lil Kesh and Reekado Banks.
Four nominees in perhaps the ‘closest-to-call’ category
in The Headies ever. Looking at the list, they each had
hits in 2015. But in my personal opinion ( which I’m
entitled to, innit?) I would have pruned the list at the
final stage to just two; Korede Bello and Kiss Daniel.
‘Godwin’ was probably the biggest song of 2015,
transcending both the secular and gospel charts and
finding resonance all across Africa. How could such a
song not get the artiste a winner in that category? On the
other hand, ‘Woju’ by Kiss Daniel was another monster
hit in 2015 which certainly would have won him that prize
without raising eyebrows.
With due respect to Reekado Banks, I don’t think his ‘
Katapot’ track was that much of a phenomenal hit in
2015 but it was a good track. And L’il Kesh too, who was
touted by Olamide as having back to back hits in 2015
(by his reckoning) stood a chance as well but I would
say a misfit of personal branding by the YBNL team for
Kesh might have added to his loss in that category. Club
and dance hits are different from acclaimed general hits
when it comes to the brass tacks and ‘Gbese Re’ was
huge on the club and dance circuits but can’t be termed
a huge hit compared to Korede’s and Kiss’
Thus, when Reekado won, I was one of the surprised
folks watching on television. Obviously this didn’t go
down well with Olamide, on whose label Kesh is signed
on to and he went on a profane and perhaps alcohol-
induced rant onstage a few minutes later, calling out the
organisers and storming off the stage thereafter.
Don Jazzy, the acclaimed Producer, who is the Head
Huncho at Mavin Records which has Reekado as one of
its acts, picked up the gauntlet a few minutes after while
receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award and called out
Olamide. He asked Olamide to come take the car won by
Reekado and stormed out of the awards with his crew.
Olamide later went on twitter to rant more expletives on
Don Jazzy.
Both artistes were wrong on many fronts. For Olamide,
his open inebriation on stage calls for much questioning
of his public conduct when he’s not in performance
mode. As he boasts in his songs, he might have packed
halls and swayed trends in the past year but trying a
Kanye West onstage at The Headies was ill-advised. One
should ask this question ( which I will also throw at Don
Jazzy later as well) that if L’il Kesh had back to back hits
as Olamide claimed, why didn’t YBNL deem it fit to buy
him a car ( if he hasn’t any) all these months?
And Don Jazzy too should have stuffed it when he said
that he had told Korede and Reekado not to bother
themselves about the car if they didn’t win because he
would buy them a car. Really? Did he mean to tell us that
with all the shows and endorsements both acts had last
year under his management, there wasn’t any ‘change’
left to buy his acts cars?
If that’s the case, something is wrong somewhere.
Don Jazzy screwed up though by calling out Olamide in
his speech especially as Olamide never mentioned his
name. But to a discerning mind, it seems those two had
festering issues before last night and that incident was
the last straw.
Mutual discontent and petty misgivings are common in
the entertainment industry. I am never fooled by put-on
smiles and show of camaderie most times by artistes as
they are human like everyone else. What sets off
animousities are usually a struggle for a space on top; a
definition of ambitious egos or just plain loathing for
petty reasons.
The struggle and not the hustle is what is real. Territorial
dominance and egotistical relevance.
The major beneficiary from all this, in spite of the furore
over the winner, is Hyundai. The brand now has more
exposure than it bargained for and everyone would
remember the brand for months to come. No publicity is
bad at all in this regard for them.
To think that Don Jazzy and Olamide did a collabo a
couple of years back and an anaemic one too, in my
opinion. A song which didn’t make sense and was soon
forgotten as soon as it came out.
With the storm over this award and the degenerative
posibilities it portends, one can only suggest to Hyundai
to come out with a new model inspired by this.
And calling that model ‘Hyundai Skelemba’ won’t be a
bad idea.
The sales might just be something the company can
‘bank’ on.

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