Sos9ja News reporter came across two women fighting over Bend down select,Akube,Okirika,anyone you think of. they were arguing over a bend down select trouser.
The bend down select is popularly known in Lagos as okirika. This cloth seems to be a common wear for everyone mostly those in Lagos. it is mostly purchased by the campus girls and the young ladies because it seems affordable and smart.

  It happened today that people who were at the market started picking and selecting their choice. A lady picked a trouser and it was very lovely,she was about to put it on when a lady snatched it from her,telling her that she has picked it before. The lady got upset and started abusing the other lady who snatched it from her,before people could ask what happen it turns to a serious fight.
 They tore each others cloths and started fighting.the fight was so funny that more people started watching,hailing,and singing a war song,nobody came to separate the ladies,they beat each other until they become tired. then people started abusing and insulting them that they aren't mature at all. this Lagos Na wahh!!!!!