The only way to find love is to date with an open heart but at times that open heart is what gets many women played by men. Most times, women give their best, invest time and energy in men only for them to eventually realize it’s only a wasted effort and start the trend all over again.
Are you ready to start all over again and give another relationship another chance again? Then you will have to protect your heart well so you won’t be played again and not waste valuable time with a loser.

Ladies, here are ways to protect your heart from being played.

Avoid guys with obviously low self-esteem
Make sure any guy you relate with, have values regarding family and relationships and those values match yours.

Don’t accept his bad behaviour
Pay attention to what he DOES  and not what he SAYS.

Make sure he includes you in all aspects of his life.

Be very sure he’s INTO you.

Wait to have s3x (the right one will wait!).

Make sure you feel relaxed and happy when you’re with him
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