This drug manufacturing companies on the quest to remain in business, are always on their toes to make sure they produce the best drugs with high standard that would be approved by NAFDAC.

Out of these numerous avalanche of companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria, 10 of them had proven to be the best and these top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are listed below…


Simply known as Swipha, Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited was established in 1976 with it headquarters in Lagos. This is a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria that produce drugs ranging from tablets, caplets, Oral liquid syrups to suspensions. Aside their own products, they also market and distribute products of BAYER Health Care, Basel, Switzerland and BIO-STRATH AG, Zuerich, Switzerland. This drug manufacturers supply drugs to Federal and State Government as well as private organisations and other businesses. This company is the first pharmaceutical company to obtain ISO 9001: 2000 certification. This company since it establishment had produced a lot of quality and wide used drugs.

Swipha products includes Arenax® Plus, Betaglip, Bio-strath Digest, Bio-strath Sedative, Bio-strath Tablet/Elixir, Clabetic, Dart, Dyrax, Expezol Syrup & Expezol Tablet, Farenax, Forbetic, Guafensin, Monami & Monami Plus, Nexcef, Ocexone, Polyfort Gel/Chewtab, Pyrox, Pyrox Combi, Relev, Stavlan Capsules, Supra C, Suprakids, Swibetic, Swidar, Swidon, Swifen Suspension, Swinol, Swivasc, Talen and Tiniflox.


May and Baker Nigeria Plc is the first Nigerian pharmaceutical company. The company was established in 1944 as a subsidiary firm under a giant multinational pharmaceutical company based in UK. May & Baker Nigeria Plc have it main factory in Ikeja, Lagos State where it manufactures some of it high quality pharmaceutical products that meets international standards.

The company has interest in manufacturing of anitbiotics, anaesthetics, analgestics, antimalaria, multivitamins and other products. May and Baker products includes Aluclox Caps, Bromatan, Cardovasc Tabs, Diatab, Cardovasc Retard, Comepiryl tabs, Furoxetil, Loxaclav, Artelum, Diamet, Mepiryl Tabs, M&B Cipro tablets, Lixyped, Oxavid, Secwid (Secnidazole), Maysedyl with codeine syrup, Rophegan, Loxagyl Susp & Tablets, Thiapril Tabs, Levotil 500mg, Ramitace 10mg, Ketovail, Loxaprim and M&B Paracetamol tablets & Syrup.


Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a wholly private indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing company founded in 1984. One thing I find interesting about this drug manufacturing company is the fact that it started as a chemist retail outlets 1977, then metamorphose into an importer and wholesaler of pharmaceutical products before finally becoming a drug manufacturer

The company started production in 1985 and by 1988, it had become an established pharmaceutical company with a very popular product ( Emzor Paracetamol) that’s not only popular in Nigeria but in the sub-saharan Africa. The companies factory is located at Isolo industrial area of Lagos with facilities to make a wide variety of high quality pharmaceutical products that meet international standards. Emzor Pharmaceutical products cut across the analgesic, anti-malaria, vitamin/haematinics/multivitamin supplement, anti-helmintic, antibiotics and therapeutic categories. They had produced about 80 products. Some of these includes Emzor Paracetamol ’96 Tablet, Emzor Paracetamol Syrup, Emzor Paracetamol Drops, EM-Vit-C Drops, EM-Vit-C Syrup and EM-Vit-C Chewabl among others.


unarguably one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, Fidson Healthcare is a household name in the pharmaceutical industry. This firm was established in 1995 and since then, had proven to be producers of quality drugs. Their head office is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Fidson Healthcare products cut across several categories of pharmaceutical products, these includes Antacid & Ulcer Care category such as Gascol Antacid Suspension Classic and Meprasil. In the Anti-Diabetic section, they have Biosulin. They have Motitec in the Anti-Diarrhoea. Fidson Anti-Infectives drugs includes Ciprotab and Peflotab. Their Anti-Malaria drugs includes Arthemed and E-Mal.

Looking at their products, this list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria wouldn’t be complete without them. They are also the makers of Avstat and Pladox meant for Cardio-Vascular treatment. In the Cestra section, they boast of having Cestra® ‘Pre Natal Once A Day’ and Cestra® 50 Plus, Cestra® Omega 3 & 6, Cestra® Once a Day and Cestra® ProBiotix BlackCurrant Chewable. Tuxil (Children) – Runny Nose and Catarrh and Tuxil N® (Adult) – Cough & Cold – Expectorant are the syrup they produced meant for Cough, Cold, Catarrh or Allergies. Fidson other products includes Astymin G, Astymin, Astymin-SN, Astyfer, Flutex, Rexolan, Arthocare, Zetgel, Avipol and Cutenox among other pharmaceutical products.


Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited is one of the frontline pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. The company just like Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is fully indigenous and also started as a chemist retail outlets before becoming a pharmaceutical company. Mopson was established in 1977 and now have it head office in Ajao Estate, Lagos State.

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited has developed a lot of quality products that received award. Some of these includes Neofylin cough syrup that won the Africa’s best cough mixture of the year 2006 award and Asmalyn syrup that won the best Asthma management award in 2012. Mopson’s others products includes Ascorbion C300 vitamin C syrup, Folimop Folic acid syrup, Liquid Paraffin, Mopson Methylated Spirit, Micpol suspension, Multivitamin Syrup, Neomox, Pitrofin syrup, Supermag Antacid and Throtal.

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