Climax is said to be the maximum satisfaction of s3x, it is the most intense point of s3xual pleasure, and sadly enough, not every man can guide his lady to climax.
Ladies don’t know this but men constantly reveal their frustration to each other when they can’t get their lady to climax and the ones who have gotten their lady to climax always boast about it with fellow men.
There are a million and one reasons you can’t get a lady to climax and here 5 possible reasons why she hasn’t witnessed the ‘big O’ when in the sheets with you.
Penetrative s3x isn’t always enough: “Very few ladies would claim to have reached climax while having s3x but easily attain orgasm when given oral s3x or when they help themselves out—so this really means penetrative isn’t really the easier option; a woman’s pleasure and orgasm is more likely to occur from the stimulation of the cl!t”.
Stress: “Many people don’t know this but stress has quite an effect on a woman’s ability to climax; having a balanced life is one of the keys to boosting libido; stress can sap a person’s libido by affecting hormones and mood,; your diet, rest and physical activities all have an effect on your sexual life, so if a woman is getting the negatives from those, it would affect her orgasmic level on the long run”.